RM Series

Class-leading efficiency, 3rd party performance verified, commercial-duty construction and premium components. Now available in 7, 9, 12, and 15000 Btuh nominal cooling capacity.

Universal Replacement For:

RetroAire R22 , RC22 , RH22 R22C, R22C07, R22C09, R22C12, RC2207, RC2209, RC2212, R22H, R22H07, R22H09, R22H12, RH2207, RH2209, RH2212, R22C09A0, R22C12A0, R22C09D0, R22C09D1, R22C09D2, R22C09D3, R22C09D4, R22C09D5, R22C12D0, R22C012D1, R22C12D2, R22C12D3, R22C12D4, R22C12D5, R22C09E1, R22C09E2, R22C09E3, R22C09E4, R22C09E5, R22C12E0, R22C012E1, R22C12E2, R22C12E3, R22C12E4, R22C12E5, RC2209A0, RC2212A0, RC2209D0, RC2209D1, RC2209D2, RC2209D3, RC2209D4, RC2209D5, RC2212D0, RC22012D1, RC2212D2, RC2212D3, RC2212D4, RC2212D5, RC2209E1, RC2209E2, RC2209E3, RC2209E4, RC2209E5, RC2212E0, RC22012E1, RC2212E2, RC2212E3, RC2212E4, RC2212E5, R22C09E02AAAAOA, RC2212D02AAAXAA
Cool Heat RM
Embassy Weathertwin
Islandaire RM EZ, EZ Series RM, EZ RM, EZRM
Zoneaire RM
RetroAire R20 , RC20 , RH20 R20C, R20C07, R20C09, R20C12, RC2007, RC2009, RC2012, R20H, R20H07, R20H09, R20H12, RH2007, RH2009, RH2012, R20C09A0, R20C12A0, R20C09D0, R20C09D1, R20C09D2, R20C09D3, R20C09D4, R20C09D5, R20C12D0, R20C012D1, R20C12D2, R20C12D3, R20C12D4, R20C12D5, R20C09E1, R20C09E2, R20C09E3, R20C09E4, R20C09E5, R20C12E0, R20C012E1, R20C12E2, R20C12E3, R20C12E4, R20C12E5, RC2009A0, RC2012A0, RC2009D0, RC2009D1, RC2009D2, RC2009D3, RC2009D4, RC2009D5, RC2012D0, RC20012D1, RC2012D2, RC2012D3, RC2012D4, RC2012D5, RC2009E1, RC2009E2, RC2009E3, RC2009E4, RC2009E5, RC2012E0, RC20012E1, RC2012E2, RC2012E3, RC2012E4, RC2012E5, R20C09E02AAAAOA, RC2012D02AAAXAA