K Series

An innovative replacement for all 3 sections of the original legacy chassis. Class-leading, 3rd party energy performance verified... premium chassis at an affordable price. 7, 9, 12, and 15000 Btuh nominal cooling capacity. 115v Emergency Power for hydronics.

Universal Replacement For:

Islandaire KF (7-15000btuh) EZ, EZ Series KF, EZ KF, EZKF
McQuay Type K (7-15000btuh)
RetroAire R60 , RC60 , RH60 R60C, R60C07, R60C09, R60C12, R60C15, RC6007, RC6009, RC6012, RC6015, R60H, R60H07, R60H09, R60H12, R60H15, RH6007, RH6009, RH6012, RH6015, R60C09A0, R60C12A0, R60C09D0, R60C09D1, R60C09D2, R60C09D3, R60C09D4, R60C09D5, R60C09D6, R60C09D7, R60C09D8, R60C09D9,R60C12D0, R60C012D1, R60C12D2, R60C12D3, R60C12D4, R60C12D5, R60C15D0, R60C015D1, R60C15D2, R60C15D3, R60C15D4, R60C15D5, R60C09E1, R60C09E2, R60C09E3, R60C09E4, R60C09E5, R60C12E0, R60C012E1, R60C12E2, R60C12E3, R60C12E4, R60C12E5, R60C12E6, R60C12E7, R60C12E8, R60C12E9, R60C15E0, R60C015E1, R60C15E2, R60C15E3, R60C15E4, R60C15E5, R60C15E6, R60C15E7, R60C15E8, R60C15E9, RC6012A0, RC6009D0, RC6009D1, RC6009D2, RC6009D3, RC6009D4, RC6009D5, RC6009D6, RC6009D7, RC6009D8, RC6009D9, RC6012D0, RC6012D1, RC6012D2, RC6012D3, RC6012D4, RC6012D5, RC6012D6, RC6012D7, RC6012D8, RC6012D9, RC6009E0, RC6009E1, RC6009E2, RC6009E3, RC6009E4, RC6009E5, RC6009E6, RC6009E7, RC6009E8, RC6009E9, RC6012E0, RC6012E1, RC6012E2, RC6012E3, RC6012E4, RC6012E5, RC6012E6, RC6012E7, RC6012E8, RC6012E9, RC6015E0, RC6015E1, RC6015E2, RC6015E3, RC6015E4, RC6015E5, RC6015E6, RC6015E7, RC6015E8, RC6015E9, R60C09E02AAAAOA, R6012D02AAAXAA
McQuay Type MEK (7-15000btuh)
McQuay Type MHK (7-15000btuh)
McQuay Type MQP (7-15000btuh)
McQuay Type EK (7-15000btuh)
McQuay Type RK (7-15000btuh)
Remington Type K (7-15000btuh)
Remington Type EK (7-15000btuh)
Remington Type RK (7-15000btuh)
Singer K