J Series

A new innovative complete replacement for all 3 sections of the original 'J' chassis, with class-leading efficiency in a premium chassis at an affordable price.

Universal Replacement For:

McQuay Type J
RetroAire R65 , RC65, RH65 R65C, R65C07, R65C09, R65C12, RC6507, RC6509, RC6512, R65H, R65H07, R65H09, R65H12, RH6507, RH6509, RH6512, R65C09A0, R65C12A0, R65C09D0, R65C09D1, R65C09D2, R65C09D3, R65C09D4, R65C09D5, R65C12D0, R65C012D1, R65C12D2, R65C12D3, R65C12D4, R65C12D5, RC6509A0, RC6512A0, RC6509D0, RC6509D1, RC6509D2, RC6509D3, RC6509D4, RC6509D5, RC6512D0, RC6512D1, RC6512D2, RC6512D3, RC6512D4, RC6512D5, R65C09E02AAAAOA, RC6512D02AAAXAA